Saturday, March 25, 2017

Who Doesn't Like Great Read Aloud Lessons and Activities?

Mega Read Aloud Reading Lessons & Activities Super Bundle

NEW UPDATES in this Ever-Growing MEGA SUPER BUNDLE! Now includes 16 of our popular read-aloud bundles all rolled into one HUGE savings bundle!

Students get lost in stories and what's better than to not only engage students in those stories, but to also have them expand on their knowledge and everyday learning? Our MEGA SUPER BUNDLE will have students thinking on a higher level and will promote rich conversation while working in pairs or small groups!

Simply pull out your picture books that you already have in your classroom library and match those stories to the packets provided in the bundle!  Don't have a book, or two, or three?  No problem!  Use the web links that are provided to and allow students to view the stories that the Screen Actor's Guild Foundation has beautifully created.  Students can watch on a big interactive whiteboard as a whole class or individually or in a small group on a computer with headphones.  Next, use the packets to support literacy skills that you are working on in your classroom with our numerous choices of skills such as character traits, comparing and contrasting, summarizing, cause and effect, and a whole lot more!

Click here to see a preview on YouTube! or click the green preview button here to see what's inside!

More About This Product:
☰ This product can be used in small groups, for differentiated instructional purposes, for 1:1 targeted instructional tutorials, enrichment, or as a whole class.
☰ This product is suitable for teachers, tutors, special education providers, as well as for home-instruction.
☰ The bundle is appropriate for students in Grades 1-4 and includes Depth of Knowledge Higher Level Thinking Questions embedded through out!
☰ This product requires no preparation.
☰ This product is Common Core aligned.
☰ This product can be used for differentiated assessment purposes.

Packet includes lessons and interactive notebook activities all bundled for:
• A Bad Case of Stripes
• Brave Irene 
• Enemy Pie
• Fox
• I Need My Monster
• My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother
• Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch
• Stellaluna
• The Great Kapok Tree
• Wemberly Worried
• The Rainbow Fish
• The Kissing Hand
• Chrysanthemum 
• The Polar Express 
• Carla's Sandwich
• The House That Jane Built

Skills Addressed:
✎ Vocabulary and Word Work
✎ Sequencing
✎ Differentiated Beginning - Middle - End
✎ Differentiated Character Traits
✎ Character Compare and Contrast
✎ Story Summary (Narrative Form)
✎ Differentiated Author's Purpose
✎ Test Prep-style Reading Comprehension
✎ Cause and Effect
✎ Who - What - When - Where - Why 
✎ Various Higher Level Thinking Responses
✎ Book Review (Opinions)
✎ Student Self-Assessment

WHAT A DEAL!  $ave $ave $ave! All 16 packets retail at $6.99 each (when sold individually is $111.84), but you can get all 16 for $69.99 and save $41.98 - that's like getting 6 of our bundles absolutely FREE!  If you love read aloud bundles that address numerous skills across the standards, keep students engaged in their learning, and enjoy the ease of differentiated choice planning, this bundle package is for you!

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