Saturday, March 18, 2017

Carla's Sandwich Reading Lessons and Interactive Activities Bundle

Carla's Sandwich Reading Lessons and Interactive Activities Bundle {CCSS Aligned}

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Carla's Sandwich allows young students to understand how to embrace who they are, no matter what others think of them. Perfect for students in younger, primary grades, who can easily see how being who they are makes them so special.

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More About This Product:
☰ This product can be used in small groups, for differentiated instructional purposes, for 1:1 targeted instructional tutorials, or as a whole class.
☰ This product is suitable for teachers, tutors, special education providers, as well as for home-instruction.
☰ The bundle is appropriate for students in Grades 1-3.
☰ This product requires no preparation.
☰ This product covers many literacy skills in an interactive, engaging way.
☰ This product is Common Core aligned.

Bundle uses Depth of Knowledge (DOK) multi-level activities to help students gather information and understand what they are reading.

Skills Addressed:
✎ Vocabulary and Word Work
✎ Sequencing
✎ Differentiated Beginning - Middle - End
✎ Differentiated Character Traits
✎ Character Compare and Contrast
✎ Story Summary (Narrative Form)
✎ Differentiated Author's Purpose
✎ Test Prep-style Reading Comprehension
✎ Cause and Effect
✎ Who - What - When - Where - Why 
✎ What If...? and What Would You Do? Higher Level Thinking Responses
✎ Book Review (Opinions)
✎ Student Self-Assessment

...and more!

Common Core Aligned, 58 pages

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