Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Interactive Instructional Technology Notebook & Task Cards w/ Assessment 3 Pack

Interactive Instructional Technology Notebook & Task Cards w/ Assessment 3 Pack 

Our Interactive Instructional Technology Notebook and Task Cards with Assessment 3 Pack includes some of our more popular instructional technology activities and lessons - perfect for any technology class for use in grades 1-4!

Here's what you'll get:

Technology Interactive Notebook for Grades 2-5

Get students involved in taking notes and understanding the technology that they encounter and utilize every day with this Technology Interactive Notebook!

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This 48-page Common packet includes:
• Technology Standards & Effective Teacher Technology Use 
• Technology Notebook Grading Rubric Scale 
• Parts of a Computer 
• The Birth of The Computer: Technology Compare and Contrast (The First Computer and a Modern Day Computer)
• Technology Compare and Contrast Matrix (Desktops and Laptops/Tablets)
• Popular Windows Keyboard Shortcuts 
• Popular Mac Keyboard Shortcuts 
• Types of Picture Files 
• Steps to Save our Work 
• The Computer Mouse 
• The QWERTY Keyboard 
• The QWERTY Keyboard (Blank) 
• Creating A Strong Password 
‘• TECH’abulary Vocabulary Glossary Cards with pocket
• Social Media Awareness Poem 
• E-mail Etiquette 
• Internet Safety Tips flap
• Social Media Pros and Cons Activity
• Technology How To accordion fold
• Technology Compare & Contrast
• Technology Important Figures Pocket with 24 pre-made, no-prep cards
• Spotlight on Important Figures in Technology Penatgon fold
• Technology iPhone History Activity
• Technology Self-Assessment

Also includes a "Tech"-abulary Fan template for students to collect and organize technology vocabulary words and their meanings.


You'll also receive:

Technology Review Task Cards / Quiz for Grades 1 - 4

Assess students in digital computer knowledge This packet can be used as a pretest at the start of the school year, or at the end of the school year for an overview / review test. The packet can also be cut out and laminated for individual task cards for a technology center.

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This 23-page Common Core-Aligned packet includes 32 cards:
• Digital Citizenship Questions
• Basic Computer Use Questions
• Internet Safety Questions
• 3-2-1 Self-Assessment for Students in grades 3 and 4 and Thumbs-Up Assessment for students in grades 1 and 2.

Answer key included.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

FREEBIE! Multiplication Stair Strips

Have students practice their basic multiplication facts (1-12) while walking the halls and the stairways of your school!  Make it into a game!  Elicit participation as you enter and exit for the day!  Take walks to break up the day and get students moving -- all the while practicing their multiplication facts!  Students will absorb the information in a fun and new way...and they won't even realize that they were learning all along!

More About This Product:
☰ This product can be placed on stairs for students for easy review of key multiplication facts.
☰ This product requires no preparation.
☰ This product is Common Core aligned.

This packet includes:
✦ Multiplication table strips for 1-12
✦ Teacher Notes

Just print, laminate, cut out and attach to stairs!

Common Core State Standards are listed.

 *** Let us know what you think and how you're planning on using them in your school by sending us feedback! ***