Sunday, March 12, 2017

Customary Units of Capacity for the SMART Board

Customary Units of Capacity for the SMART Board (Common Core  Aligned)

This interactive Common Core State Standards Customary Units of Capacity SMART Board lesson introduces students to the basic units of capacity. Students will explore interactive activities such as a 'Memory' game, 'Match It!' game, a <, >, or = comparison , Test Prep, and 'Build Mr. Gallon Man'. This lesson also includes 'Writing in Math' and differentiated enrichment problem solving questions, an extension project / Scavenger Hunt Challenge and a 'promote reasoning' slide. Excellent for a review after a chapter is taught or before CCSS State exams!

HOME SCHOOL USERS: Use the SMART Interactive Viewer
(a FREE SMART Technologies application, that's web-based, that will allow you to view and use this file even if you don't have SMART Notebook installed on your computer). 

More About This Product:
☰ This product can be used in small groups, for differentiated instructional purposes, for 1:1 targeted instructional tutorials, or as a whole class instruction or for test prep purposes.
☰ This product is suitable for teachers, tutors, special education providers, as well as for home-instruction but requires SMART Notebook software to use.
☰ The bundle is appropriate for students in Grades 3 and 4
☰ This product requires no preparation.
☰ This product is Common Core aligned.

TEACHER TIP:  Make sure to use the most current Adobe Flash Player and SMART Notebook software. In some cases, when regular updating does not work, it is necessary for users to uninstall their version of SMART Notebook and then download the current version from SMART Technologies.

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