Monday, March 6, 2017

Higher Level Thinking Reading Comprehension Task Cards

One of our more popular task card products! Our Common Core Aligned Higher Level Thinking Reading Comprehension Task Cards with Student Desk Reminders contains 56 cards in all with thought-provoking questions to be used in either a reader's notebook or during classroom discussions. Can also be used with whole-class or small group read-alouds, partnered reading, differentiated instruction, or individual reading periods. Print, laminate, cut, and use!

Our task card bundle also contains a 24-question Higher Order Thinking Response Questions for Homework menu!

More About This Product:

☰ This product can be used for small groups, differentiated instructional purposes, for 1:1 targeted instructional tutorials, or as a whole class for test prep purposes.
☰ This product is suitable for teachers, tutors, special education providers, as well as for home-instruction.
☰ The bundle is appropriate for students in Grades 2-7
☰ This product requires no preparation.
☰ This product is Common Core aligned and fosters higher-level thinking responses from students and trains them to answer questions thoroughly and with lots of detail. 

This product also includes Student Desk Reminder Cards! Just cut out, laminate and tape to desks for students to refer back to during their reading!

Here's what teachers have had to say about this product:

  • Love these cards for small group work! Thanks!
  • Such an important resource to have for higher level thinking!
  • Have really enjoyed using this to develop higher order thinking with my second grade students. Thank you!
  • Made these on construction paper and laminated them. Great to use for references at my reading table.
  • Great for small group! Thank you for creating this time saving resource!
  • The kids love the new ideas, I love their creative responses!
  • Great cards to get students really thinking!
  • Very challenging!
  • This is fabulous! It has saved me A LOT of time. Thank you!

Teacher Tip:  Just print, laminate on card stock (colors work too!), and place into bins or baggies at student desks (or in your reading center). Students can (and should) also refer back to the task cards when responding to literature for homework or test prep purposes.  The more students use the task cards, the more of a chance they will start to respond to literature on their own!  For differentiation, assign students a specific task card to work off of based on what you notice students do when responding to literature. 

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